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Kyoko Iwasaki profile

Date of birth: August 1, 1981
Birthplace: Tokyo
Instruments: piano & acoustic guitar etc.
Graduated from Rikkyo University, Department of English and American Literature

2000 while in college
Formed the unit "Pikomako" with her high school classmate "Momoko Kajiwara".
2003 From Universal Music

Released "Photograph"

2004 After the dissolution of "Picomaco", he started his career as a solo artist.

from now on
"Wind man" "I know it's my Sei" "Now, my everything"

"Like flowers""Downtown Rhapsody"

Released 5 original albums
Also, on 2013.12.1
Covered 60's and 70's folk songs
Released the first cover album "Uta wa Nemurunai"

On October 7, 2015, the second release "Uta wa Nemurunai II" was released.

On January 26, 2018, the original album "Michi no Kodo" was released.

The original album "Kappa ga Furuta Sora" will be released on June 10, 2021.

Live 2 disc set on 2021.12.25albumReleased Live in the Garage 2021

stage musicCM music production

(Matsuya, JASRAC, Tokyo Tomin Bank, Futaba Transport Group, etc.)
from 2013
Started a tour all over the country
Actively perform over 150 live performances per year

Motto: Lifelong stray
Favorite instrument: Yairi RNY-1000K (2003)
Martin 00-18 CTM Engelmann (2011)

Sakata Guitar 00-18C (2017)

Sakata Guitar 00-18B Nylon (2021)
Favorite car: Bumpy Subaru Impreza
→ Smooth Nissan Stagea
→ Weak-looking Mobilio (still no scratches♪)

→ favorite shape Mobilio Spike

→ Freed Plus where luggage can be piled up
Loves: Louis (cat) Cozy (cat) Mofu (cat) Sleep Shuntaro Tanikawa


Minami Yatsugatake traverse, Mt. Fuji, Mt. Yarigatake

Mt. Iwaki, Mt. Hakusan, Mt. Tsurugi, Mt. Oze Hiuchigatake, Mt. Shibutsu

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