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Bird Woman

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Short film "Bird Woman"

Director: Tokio Ohara

Screenplay: Herchan Zikhov

A woman finds her power by changing into a bird.

A story of a woman who found her power by transforming into a bird

Kyoko Iwasaki will appear in the role of Black Bird.

I played and sang "I don't care if it's not blue sky" in the play.


2022.7.7~17 Held in Bucheon, South Korea

26th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Selected for International Competition

accept the invitation

I participated! !



at the opening ceremony

In Black Bird costume

walked the red carpet.

Just before that, I made a video call to Midori Tanaka, the makeup artist.

I had a Black Bird makeup check.

I'm doing my best on the day

I didn't have time to think

When I think about it now, it was a really dreamy time.

The situation at that time was also taken up on the official Facebook of the film festival.

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climb some mountains

Finally, director Tokio Ohara has arrived! !

I felt really dependable.


The director, Mr. Helchan, and the three of us

World Premiere of Bird Woman

I was able to participate in the Q&A.

Considering the many difficulties before and after,

It was a miraculous time.

I was also able to sing along during the Q&A session.

The situation at that time, an interview with the director

Mainichi ShimbunHuman Cinema” was written in!


Film festival officialYouTube channelAlso


It's the day Bird Woman took off into the world! !



At the official party held in the evening

I sang two songs!

Mr. H, who I met at the party on the first day, listened to YouTube.

He called me.



If you have a guest badge, you can watch 4 movies a day, so watch them

"Angry son" directed by Hanae Iizuka from Japan (The world doesn't notice us)

Set in Takasaki, this is the story of a boy living with his Filipino mother and his struggles.

The acting and energy of the mother was especially wonderful.

Korean horror "seen"

At first I was surprised at how fast the English subtitles disappeared

I managed to keep up.


Short film award ceremony at night.

Bird Woman didn't win

The experience of these few days is much more important than winning an award.

It felt like a big deal.


last day for me

A movie after all! !

with the director

This is the first time I've seen a short film like this.

I feel like I've learned the fun of short films

I decided to take the opportunity to see it.


I came home today

Director, Hellchan and Bird Woman Puchon still continues!

There is a second screening today.

I was attacked by myself

Several Koreans tweeted on Twitter etc.

The feeling that it was a good screening has been transmitted.

Fighting for the rest of the days! .


everyone involved

Everyone who supported us

I'm really thankful to you! !



Director Tokio Ohara, Hellchan

Thank you *\(^o^)/*

Fighting for the rest of the pucheon! .


Kyoko Iwasaki


Follow up!

Bird Woman

[BIFAN×wave online cinema

It was selected as one of the "Best 10 of the Year" discovered by the audience themselves.

Korean press release

I can't translate well

The Audience's Favorite 'Best 10 of the Year'


Screened online on the video distribution platform waveve

Selected as one of the best 10 works out of 139 works

It seems that it was chosen by the reaction of the audience!

The link is ↓


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